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Опубликованно: 30.11.2015.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Средняя школа
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May 4, 2015
Now, today I will think about some facts and health system in Tajikistan. As I wrote yesterday Tajik nation is healthiest nation in that area comparing to other republics that have higher percentage of heart disease patients, who deal with alcoholism and so on. But the most important fact is about life expectancy. According to data collected in 2012 life expectancy is about 66 years. For some 66 years is not good result but when you consider other circumstances for example military conflicts and other violence that often happen in some areas then it is not so bad. Of course in some countries life expectancy is higher but in general this is due to better economical situation. Another interesting thing to add is regardless to production of drugs there are very low percentage of people who take drugs. For now I will stop with facts and statistics and continue with religious feasts. It is very necessary to understand the role of Holy Month in the life of Tajik people. So Ramadan - Holy Month is very important for all Muslims. Compared to or calendar Ramadan starts in June and ends in the middle of July. The majority of population devote more time to longer prayers and other religious things they try to spend their time with no celebrations and in quiet atmosphere. These things according to Islam are very important to every Muslim person and they try to hold on to them and no to do some things that contradicts with Islam religion. That is why after Holy Month namely 4 weeks Islamic world celebrate Oraza Bayram which symbolise the end of Ramadan.

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