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  • Конспект 'C.Edwin Baker "Media, Markets and Democracy"', 1.
  • Конспект 'C.Edwin Baker "Media, Markets and Democracy"', 2.
Фрагмент работы

I have chosen to read about media products and media market. For me it was very interesting to get know how work journalists and what are their functions in democratic state.
Media is a communication technology, with which help people get knowledges, create their own understanding of life, persuasions, values, sometimes stronger than parents, school or friend. Media create reality sence, but news create people’s opinion. Media have influence on society’s opinion. Audience depend on media, because it help take one’s bearings in different situations of life. It’s like a advice of expert.
Political theorists assert that a free press is essential for democracy. “Freedom of the press is for the people”, - so said Jerome Barron in his book. But what does “for the people” mean? People play different roles, for example consumers and citizens. And the mass media and free press should serve people in both roles as consumers and as citizens. Critics claim that government interventions in media markets prevent audiencies from getting the media products they want.…

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