Опубликованно: 15.09.2004.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Средняя школа
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  • Эссе 'The European Union and the Issue of Price Changes', 1.
  • Эссе 'The European Union and the Issue of Price Changes', 2.
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I want to tell you something about prices. As we all know, prices is the most important question, especially now, when we join to the EU after 1st may of 2004. That’s why I want to introduce you with some facts that made my minds clearest about this question.
As we all now, almost every one of us think, that prices after 1st may will be much higher, because now in Latvia there is inflation. A lot of people now are trying to by a lot of food ingredients, like salt, sugar, that makes panic in whole country. But it is unnecessary. It is unnecessary too to say, that there wouldn’t be changes, but we can’t make a panic, because we say “Yes” for the EU, when we had referendum. …

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