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  • Конспект 'Summary on "A Simple Heart" by G.Flaubert', 1.
  • Конспект 'Summary on "A Simple Heart" by G.Flaubert', 2.
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Part I
Story starts with a description of Felicity as a loyal, modest and patient Madame Aubain’s servant, who is envied by other ladies of Pont – l’Eveque. Madame Aubain is a widow with many debts and two young children – Virginia and Paul. Step by step the author reveals Felicity as a thrifty, diligent, silent and polite. Thought at the age of twenty – five years she looked as to be forty.

Part II
After she became a orphan Felicity began her first work in a farm as a cowherd. Some time later she was dissmissed and took up a service in another farm as a hen girl. One day on the way home she met neighbour Theodore, her first love. They fell in love and were about to marry, but to escape from conscription Theodore married a very rich old woman, Madame Lehoussais. After such outcome Felicity decided to leave the farm and went to Pont – l’Eveque, where she met Madame Aubain who agreed to engage her as a cook and under new circumstances she forgot her sorrow.
Gradually she get used to her duties and becames attached to Madames Aubain’s little two children as well as guests- Monsieur de Germanville, Monsieur Bourais and others.

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