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Опубликованно: 02.05.2013.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
Литературный список: 10 единиц
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Language and style in works of both authors is similar. Both authors in their works don’t beautify anything – their language is sharp, juicy, sometimes harsh but it is genuine all the time.
As I already mentioned, Gundega Repše released a biographical story which was based on her lifetime experience as a teenager. Jurga Ivanauskaite also has written stories where some autobiographic issues can be spotted – since her first book “Kreimeņu gadalaiks” till “Sapņiem līdzi” she reflects seeking meaning of life by her generation in difficult and fatal labyrinths. Of course, in the centre is a woman to whom partly belongs biography of Ivanauskaite. Her own experienced happening and emotions are described in her books about Tibet.
I think that Gundega Repše has its own unique literal style which she keeps on going and there were not any life changing moments which could change her literary style too. But for Jurga Ivanauskaite one thing that changed her life and in some way her literary style was Tibet. In 1994 Jurga Ivanauskaite went to India for the very first time where in Dharamsala she discovered Tibetan Buddhism and it initiated a new stage in her artistic life (Sakārtot pašam sevi, accessed January 12, 2013). A journey to Tibet was like a dream come true for her. She describes her impressions about this Buddhist land, its traditions, religion and culture in a book “Zaudētā apsolītā zeme”. In an exciting way she describes Tibetan social life and her own spiritual seeking and experienced revelations. Also Tibet experience gave a new insight in her artistic life – Jurga not only continued to write books, but she also focused on drawings, photography and mandalas.
All in all, I think that Gundega Repše and Jurga Ivanauskaite are outstanding, interesting and unique personalities in Lithuanian and Latvian literature history. It is worth to read their works because I think they are different from other authors and their works make you think about things which usually are not noticed in every day life .

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