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  • Critically Assess the Extent to Which it Can be Argued That Tourists Have Changed in Values and Demands Over the Past Few Decades and Discuss the Implications for Tourist Destinations


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Опубликованно: 02.03.2010.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
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Poon (1993) asserts that new tourists are super active, adventurous, and always ready for new challenges. On the one hand, according to Yeoman (2006, p.181) “the ‘culture of fear’ is causing consumers to behave in increasingly irrational ways.” Contempt higher income, better health and secure, new consumers worry more than ever (Yeoman et al. 2006). In nowadays consumers strong desire and prospect has been transformed in many particular ways. People feel that they have more control over their future. On the other hand, Yeoman (2006, p.182) adds that “we live in a society of ‘blame’, which encourages ‘ambulance chasers’ and an ‘American’ suing culture. Therefore, safety and risk antipathy become the norm, resulting in higher insurance costs and barriers to adventure.” People’s aspirations have been transferred by increasing affluence. Now people want new experiences and they ask for greater satisfaction (Yeoman et al. 2006).
Total budget which is available for spending influences tourism demand (Sinclair et al. 1997). Demand involves understanding tourist behaviour and actions and what shapes these human characteristics. It is important to know what the tourist needs, desires and looks for from the process of consuming a tourism experience that involves an investment of time and money (Page, 2003). Many writers have noted the economic and social influences on demand whilst others have designed and used sophisticated models to forecast demand (Wall et al. 2006). Reported to Wall (2006) there are several main determinants that influences demand and also tourists’ behaviour. He states that these determinants have changed in past few decades. Wall (2006) mentioned rising incomes, the desire to escape the pressures of everyday urban living, increased mobility, higher levels of education as well as demographic changes, particularly ageing populations and mature ‘baby boomers’. …

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