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Опубликованно: 11.12.2015.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
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I can surely say, lies and secrets often are borne out of lack of consideration due to sudden change. One, presented with such a rapid change, might not have time to give enough thought and come up with a rational and long-term solution, whence try to hide the information and lie about it. Whenever I am confronted by my parents about something I have simply forgotten to do, I might come up with a lie blaming lack of time, not my memory, because that, I believe, is less embarrassing.
As in many other cases, the reason why people have secrets, is because they are afraid the information might change how the world or separate individuals perceive them. In Ms Clinton’s case any shady information was to be kept secret, because it could have later been used against her by the opposition or another democratic candidate. Similar situation was true during the cold-war era. One country could use other’s secrets against it and vice-versa.
In our everyday lives, however, the danger is not as great, because we’re not constantly under the spotlight, but it still exists. So to say, sometimes we keep secrets just to keep up appearances. And I believe it isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you’re not hurting anyone. Having said that, I encourage everyone to avoid keeping secrets as much as they can. The more secrets and lies we have, the more distant we are from reality and the more fabricated is our appearance.

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