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Опубликованно: 30.11.2016.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
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In conclusion, ass concerns the main question discussed in the article, that is, can history as meant by Hegel, Marx and Fukuyama ever really cease to exist? Regarding this question, an interesting aspect was found in Fukuyama’s essay, where he mentions the resurrection of Hegel ‘who proclaimed history to be at an end in 1806’ (Fukuyama, 1989: 370). More than two hundred years have passed, since the concept was used for the first time, and history exists today. It will exist tomorrow and maybe it will always do, because each new generation will always strive for improvement. However, it is likely that with every new generation, more and more countries will be closer to democracy and the ideal state, that is, liberalism, in which the individualism, freedom, reason, toleration, equality, consent and constitutionalism. At the same time it is hard to believe that at some point people will stop expressing nationalistic views, will not be concerned if someone expresses his or her freedom in an unusual way, will erase their wish for power and all that it can offer (such as wealth). Therefore, for as long as the humanity exists, there will be contradictions and disagreements, which prevent complete liberalism from taking place, which result in separations and unacceptable differences and which have existed for ages since the first people appeared on the planet Earth. …

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