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Опубликованно: 27.03.2013.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
Литературный список: Нет
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Фрагмент работы

They intuitively understand a soul of a kid or an adult.
Finally the last type – necrophilic. This type has nothing in common with necrophilia as sexual perversion. Probably being a guest You usually noticed that all the gests socialize, dance, joy. But in the corner in an easychair sits a woman in the black dress, short haircut, ruby lips, pale color of the face. Such a “Vamp” lady. She is not interested in socializing with guests; the world of magazine pictures is closer for her. These people more like the world of imagination, religious and esoteric theories and inventions. They are with pleasure walk in cemeteries and can admire the beauty of grave-stones and memorial monuments. The favorite themes of their conversations are criminal current news, diseases, tragedies with fatal cases, and generally everything what is connected with death. These are disruptive people in the greater degree. In their life everything is tragically and all brings flavor of tragedy. They cannot or almost cannot enjoy life, laugh and joy – pessimists and sad skeptics… If not today then they will become in future. By the way the highest stage of disruptiveness is suicide. It is also one of the ways of solving all contradictions of life, which is suitable for people. They perfectly adapt in the roles of tragedians, philosophers (dead, dry theory is closer for them than the world of life), sculptors (cold stone – how sweet!), programmers (computer with all its iron insides – their best company). All alive full of emotions, joy, energy is foreign and unpleasant for them.
During many years keeping an eye on people in different situations I more often come to the conclusion that people really can have one of the six types described in the essay. These types are sufficiently steady, although all depends on a situation.
Finally I would like to offer You my poem “After reading Fromm” written by me after reading his works.

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