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Опубликованно: 01.12.2016.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
Литературный список: 3 единиц
Ссылки: Не использованы
Рассмотреный период: 2009.g. - 2010.g.
Фрагмент работы

Instead, the approach that is present these days leads many people to despair, depression and fatigue, because the tendency to rationalize every possible aspect of life makes people lose and forget the spiritual values.
Also, myth is not only a source of inspiration or a guide to overcome some situations, but it is an important source that can teach life wisdom. For example, it can teach compassion. By using mythological topics contemporary artists and writers are enabled to teach other people to be compassionate. Be it the Holy Grail quest that was taken in Arthurian times or a modern story of the quest for the Holy Grail, for example, “The Da Vinci code” written by Dan Brown, in all these stories every reader feels with the main protagonists.
It is possible that with the flow of time the true meaning and the purpose of myths will be forgotten, completely substituting it with the myth as a lie, but it may as well be possible that people will be tired of the exaggerated use of logics and the increasing speed of life, which does not leave enough space for emotions and spiritual growth, and they will see myths as people many years ago did. What is even more likely is that contemporary and the future artists and writers will always turn to mythological topics, because it is not only a field for inspiration full of ideas and lessons for people, including artists and writers, but it is an antidote people will search the more they will be pushed into the technologies, logics and other things that try hard to extrude the spiritual part of humanity that all of the people need in order to be able to cope with their everyday troubles and problems.

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