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Опубликованно: 05.11.2012.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
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The stance that should be taken: all pregnancies unless the woman’s life is in danger or violent rape has taken place, + can also add the risk of the child being born with severe disability.
Value of life
No possible line can be drawn (15 days-the development of the nervous system and awareness of pain) that could not be challenged and therefore no line should be drawn.
It is the active taking of a life which sets it apart from contraception where the active decision is not to get pregnant. When someone’s free choices harm others it is acceptable to limit these choices.
The value of life is the only objective value we can agree upon and from preservation of life comes preservation of rights in society.
The reason why abortion is legalized in cases of rape is the same as why killing in self-defense is legalized. Some violent acts make violent decisions more acceptable.

Can challenge the lack of any of these or the clashes the inclusion of them might produce with the arguments (value of all life vs. terminating pregnancies in case of rape).
Also- what threat to life is sufficient, is depression (that can become more extreme during pregnancy), for example, a threat to the life of a woman? Are we only talking of physical threats or emotional as well?
Can challenge a fetus being a child.
The fact that a line is hard to draw doesn’t make it impossible or justified that we do not, there are things that we can consider such as awareness. The fact that there is no consensus does not justify siding with the most extreme view on one end, namely altogether banning abortion.
This contradicts the basic definition of the plan allowing abortion in case of rape and woman’s life being in danger, etc.
In fact we do not whether a fetus can be considered a ‘person’ or not, but we should assume neither case.
There are indeed cases when even the termination of life can be justified and therefore such a policy should never be implemented as it is dealing in absolutes.
By implementing this policy you are not making life more respected- you are ruining countless lives of women and children.

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