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Опубликованно: 03.02.2005.
Язык: Латышский
Уровень: Университет
Литературный список: Нет
Ссылки: Не использованы
Фрагмент работы

Task 1.

a)Murdered, community, law, killing, self-protection, terrorized, kidnapped, robbed, murdered, state, rule, subject, hit, satisfactory, pay, buy (bought), safely, comfortably, country, people.
b)… made laws for themselves in self-protection. If it were not for the law, you could not go out in broad daylight without the fear o9f being kidnapped, robbed or murdered.
… law is necessary in the interests of everyone.
… law is not necessary just because there are bad people in the world.
… we should require a set of rules of behavior, in other words laws, to enable us to live in any kind of satisfactory state.
The absence of law – law of the jungle.
We are far better off with the imperfect laws which we have, than if we had none at all.

Task 4.

To prevent from – pasargāt no
Self-protection – pašaizsardzība
To demand smth. – pieprasīt (kaut ko)
To rely upon smb./smth. – paļauties (uz ko/kādu)
Successful – sekmīgs, veiksmīgs
To provide for – nodrošināt
To require – prasīt, vajadzēt
To suppose – pieņemt, domāt
Task 1.

Witchcraft – the use of magic power, especially with the aid of evil spirits.
The penalties – a punishment imposed for a violation of law or rule.
Rules – an accepted social custom or practice.
A custom – not clearly or explicitly stated or expressed.
Compensation – payment for damage or loss, restitution.
An ancestor – one from whom a person is descended.
Injuries – harm or damage done or suffered.
Task 2.

1)Because our knowledge is vague of laws that were in effect before the invention of writing.
2)The first laws did appear in Babylon in about 2100 B.C. because ancestors started to live in large groups and they have a set of rules of behavior.
3)The early laws emphasise the compensations for bodily injuries, and the penalties for witchcraft and runaway slaves. Because those laws answered the social order and requirements of ancestors.…

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