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Опубликованно: 11.03.2009.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
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In the field of study of international relations very important is to realise, what kind of relations exist between Germany and France and the United States through the years after the Second World War, because exactly these relations, cooperation and partnership are the basis of the integration of instant transatlantic order. These relations are very important not only for the further integration and management of the EU, but also for the continuing cooperation between France, Germany and the United States in the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) and between the whole EU and the USA in fields of security and just well being, while meeting global challenges, which are inevitable common. And Franco-German, German- American, and Franco- American relations are still undergoing post Cold War era transformation, so it is just necessarily to realize what they are and what they will be in future, to comprehend the present and the future of our instant international system and its possible alteration. And for this it is necessity to penetrate the so called strategic triangle of Bonn- Paris- Washington.
German foreign policy has been influenced by this strategic triangle since the Second World War. German foreign policy after the war had its main aspects, from which first was that it consists of multiple bilateral relationships, and of international institutions, which are both the consequences and a means of foreign policy. Second, was connected with relations with Paris and Washington, making this previously mentioned strategic triangle. And last of main points of German foreign policy- its most important institutional context was and still is the EU and the NATO.1
These trilateral relations with Bonn in the middle started as very complicated relations with negative effects on the German foreign policy. This was because of Paris-Washington mutual tensions in 1960s and 1970s. Bonn had a hard dilemma in the front of it on its way to recovering- it had to choose one of its partners- Paris or Washington, but it chose most difficult way- to keep them both. Germans kept France as a best partner for closer European integration, while United States remained as an irreplaceable partner in the terms of security, it could even be said- a guarantor of Bonn’s security.

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