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Опубликованно: 16.03.2006.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
Литературный список: Нет
Ссылки: Не использованы
Фрагмент работы

1. `Belles-lettres – imaginative literature.
Literature is specifically arranged language, said for specific purpose.
Literature is written works, especially those valued for form and style.
Lit is some kind of art.
It's aim is to say something unexpected, to make us interested, to surprise.
Words are chosen very carefully for certain purposes.
Haw do poems appear? -usually the first line is very important.
Man – the central theme of lit.
What is written is written for all times. What is published cannot be changed.
People look at it differently in different times. The interpretation is different.
There is no progress is literature, no development from lower to higher stages. Nothing is better or worse, it is only different.
Lit. can be approached from the point of its sub-divisions ; how it is divide – the nationality, sex of writer, race , place, time when it is written.
Imagination is an essential part of any writing, because lit. speaks in images, characters.
Journalistic, historical, philosophical writing speaks in notions. Lit is different from other items ( journalism). Lit is saying truth in such a way that it is not perceived as truth.
Only creative writing is imaginative.
In literature every work stands out as unique, at the same time the works are similar. The authors used to take sides ( usually – the side of the good)
Literature also used to observe some regulations. They were very strict. Now it is gone, there are no rules today. Lit can be 2 ways – written, oral. All fairy tales, folk songs existed orally until the 18th cent. It was an important point in India where large volumes were learned by heart. Oral lit. has been of great importance. …

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