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Опубликованно: 08.05.2004.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Средняя школа
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Having or not having a good reputation is a choice one has to make, but if ones wants to be ahead competitors, then strong and good reputation is a must. Many organizations recently have acknowledged that, so we are in the middle of reputation revolution now.
Reputation management is not only being well thought about in society, it is mush more complex thing. Individualism has not destroyed the basic human wish to be accepted and respected by others.
Rise of individualism has led to more demand for reputation management, because audiences have become more fragmented. In the past audience was one large homogenous group that shared the same set of values, whereas now there are several target groups where companies seek acceptance and approval.
Now companies see their publics not as “public”, but “publics” or stakeholders. These are overlapping groups, but each of them requires slightly different approach, when it comes to their opinion, influence or winning over them. Caring about other people’s attitude towards us is a strong driver, but one-message-fits-all approach has become increasingly ineffective recently. Acquiring and having a good reputation is a competitive edge that is worth fighting for. It has proved that good reputation is essential in terms of financial and social success. Good reputation can help to gain goodwill credits, which build up in goodwill bank account.
Bestow of good reputation is trust, it is dividend of investing in your reputation, trust will help to win over voters, consumers, co-workers, employers, employees, investors, opponents – whomever you wish to influence.
Reputation is like a lens that magnifies the good things that are already there. Reputation also makes us feel comfortable with people and things; it attracts, reassures and inspires us to put our faith into supporting person, business or cause.
Reputation has always been vital, but its importance ahs grown over last 20 years, it has become unavoidable for anyone in public or commercial life.

Rocket-fuelled reputation drivers
There have been five main drivers of change over past 20 years, they are:
The death of deference
More and more media
Me first and foremost
Fast news
Money makes the reputation go round
The death of deference
In the past social position was reputation – religious leaders, monarchs, community, chiefs, family elders were not questioned. Because of that opinion formers had to worry less about winning over public support once they had attained their position. This is no longer the case nowadays. Rise of democracy and individualism have led to society that does not accept actions and decisions of those in power without questioning. People are skeptical and require proof. Public no longer assume that because of person’s status he must be believed and his opinions accepted without doubts.
To gain public’s trust now one has to be credible, capable of scrutiny, cross-examination, demonstrate listening and be responsive and need to be seen as trustworthy. Trust is no longer a right of birth or position, it has to be earned and maintained. …

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