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Опубликованно: 05.03.2003.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
Литературный список: 3 единиц
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In the tragic novel of Ernest Hemingway “The Sun Also Rises”, there has not been shown “plenty of death and fear and violence” (1, 164), like in his other heart-rending masterpieces, such as for example “Farewell to Arms”, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, but there is some other, more profound and deeply psychological catastrophe depicted, which itself might be even worse than physical mutilation. Disintegration of society, deprived of any notions of moral concepts, unacquainted with the passed generations that had a firm idea of what was right and vice versa, was not spontaneous, like also invention of “good- for- nothing characters” (1, 163) on the part of the writer.
And that has been proved by presenting the main characters, Jake Barnes and Lady Brett Ashley in the novel. Jake’s love towards Brett was no longer possible. First of all, because of his injury at war. The other reason might be his psyche that could not accept Brett’s numerous infidelities, although it must be said that he was trying to be her real friend, the only one, indeed, whereas she was not going to understand it. Although, it should be said that the solution of the problem was not to be searched only in Jake. Far from it. The writer has depicted Brett as even less possible incarnation of love. Because war too has spoiled her to such a degree that Brett was not realizing it herself. Both of them have been “desexed by the war” (3, 127). Just as an example of it, it is enough to present Brett’s appearance: with boyish hair and manly figure she was not going to yield to Pedro Romero’s entreaties to grow her hair: “He wanted me to grow my hair out. Me, with long hair. I’d look so like hell…He said it would make me more womanly. I’d look a fright.” (2, 217) …

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