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Опубликованно: 03.05.2016.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Средняя школа
Литературный список: 23 единиц
Ссылки: Использованы
Nr. Название главы  Стр.
  Introduction    4
1.  Literary analysis    5
1.1.  Development of English language    5
1.1.1.  In the United Kingdom    5
1.1.2.  In the United States of America    7
1.2.  Dialects and accents of English language    9
1.2.1.  In the United Kingdom    9
1.2.2.  In the United States of America    13
1.3.  Differences between British and American English    15
1.3.1.  Vocabulary    15
1.3.2.  Grammar    19
1.3.3.  Spelling    21
1.3.4.  Pronunciation    22
1.4.  Conclusions    23
2.  Survey about differences in British and American English    24
2.1.  Results of the survey    24
2.2.  Conclusions    26
3.  Summary    27
Фрагмент работы

3. Summary
After having processed and analyzed literature about British and American English, author has concluded that differences between them developed in a very early stage nevertheless both languages at one point were the same.
Differences began to form when settlers from England went to America. Not only the natives took the language that they used and shaped it, but also the once British speakers, influenced from the natives and changed the language themselves. It is commonly known that America is a land of immigrants, especially United States, where any natural form of how it was before settlers came has been long gone, and they just adjusted their lifestyles and the language they used, and so did everyone who came after Brits.
The American English language was changed by many nations - not only British influenced it, but also Spanish, Mexican, African, German, French and many more. That’s why there are so many different words from British English. But we must not forget that British English also hasn’t been stationary, it developed as well. And not just by itself, but by conquests and wars with other countries, but mostly French, and that may have caused the words that are written the same, but have different meanings.
After analyzing the literature, author can conclude that author’s adopted hypothesis “There are many essential differences between British and American English, but at the beginning they were both the same.” was true. Having read the materials and literature about development and history of English language, both British and American, as well as getting to know different accents and dialects of both of them and differences in grammar, spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation, author can assert that even though nowadays both of these languages – British English and American English – are very different, they both have come from the same – British English language.
After having done a survey about teenager’s knowledge about these differences, it is concluded that most of teenagers are able to distinguish the most common differences between British and American English, however, aren’t sure that they can learn it fully in school.

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