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Опубликованно: 02.02.2015.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
Литературный список: 4 единиц
Ссылки: Использованы
Рассмотреный период: 2008.g. - 2013.g.
Nr. Название главы  Стр.
  Introduction    3
1.  Fast Credits    4
1.1.  Fast credit demand in Latvia    4
1.2.  Information about people who use fast credits in Latvia    5
1.3.  Restrictions and prohibitions about fast credit companies    7
1.4.  Fast credit consequences    9
2.  Information about Finland and Lithuania    10
  Conclusion    12
  Bibliography    13
Фрагмент работы

To prevent this situation from occurring, "quick loan" companies have so-called "negative credit history." Data on the people comes at a time when the past due payment for another 45 days. Meanwhile, the Bank of Lithuania is currently working on a bill that establishes that a "quick credit" companies will need to assess people's ability to repay the loan. Similarly, a person payment to the creditor shall not exceed 40% of his monthly income. In addition to the "quick credit" companies will have to disclose their beneficial owners.

The main characteristics that describe the fast credit company’s influence to Latvia are their way how they degrade Latvian society. They have made so good advertising that a lot of people believe them and take the first credit, but after that the people understand that he cannot repay to the company so from the best way he is starting to prolong his credit which costs some percentage of the amount which he taken, but looking from information about Latvia most of people even cannot that afford it, so they start to not pay and their credit percentage is growing. That leads to situation when a lot of people are emigration to other countries to work there. This situation influences Latvia economy too, because the people who are emigrated don’t pay taxes to country. This situation disassembled many of families too. The only plus I see for a quick loan companies is that they sponsored most of the Latvian athletes. To sum up this research paper is about fast credit company’s influence to Latvia economy. This topic has never been explored so it was difficult to prove something.

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