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Опубликованно: 13.09.2010.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
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After joining EU,significantly increased emigration streams,so population systematically is decreasing all the time,actually today Latvia faces scarsity of a lot of profession groups and even some separate spheres faces worker deficiency.,also a number of people just leave the country because they have to earn money just for their own survival.That`s why ,there is no doubt that government significantly increase the number of workers from other countries and also perform the repatriation,but in order to do these state has to create better conditions,and nowadays more and more Latvian kids are born in other countries in the result of emigration,so that means,they probably choose citizenship of the country where they are born.,that`s why government should think about returning double citizenship to life and stimulate people to return
But today when economic crisis is ruling the world,it`s much more difficult to get control over the situation,because more powerful European states are more attractive to Latvians ,I mean not only job opportunities ,but also also education opportunities,because in strong european countries there is more possibility to study for free,and concerning prices,now Latvian Universities have almost the same prices,but the quality is not that good,i don`t want to offence our higher education ,but it`s the current sitation in which government is also guilty ,because it decreased financial support to the higher education system.so sometimes its much cheapre to study abroad,and even if students finish secondary schools here,then 50% now of them are plannig to leave Latvia and study or work somewhere abroad,mostly they move to Great Britain,Germany,United States,Ireland and Sweden,so that`s how Latvia lose potentially good specialists,because Europe finanically support sciences ,because it`s important in crisis time not to lose top specialists in order to ensure intellectual potencial,even in our neighbour states –Estonia and Lithuania financial support in this sphere is increased by the governmen,so there is risk that emigrants will integrate into society and never come back.…

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