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Опубликованно: 14.08.2013.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
Литературный список: 10 единиц
Ссылки: Не использованы
Nr. Название главы  Стр.
  Glossary    3
  Summary    4
  Introduction    5
1.  Organic food    6
1.1.  Conventional and industrial food    8
2.  Organic agriculture    10
2.1.  Essence and methods    11
2.2.  Organic Vs Conventional food    13
2.3.  Organic food cons    18
3.  Reasons to choose organic    20
3.1.  Environmental benefits of organic agriculture    21
4.  Organic food in Latvia    23
4.1.  Association of Latvian Organic Agriculture    27
  Conclusions    30
  Literature use    31
  Appendix    32
Фрагмент работы

The author has come to a conclusion that it is very hard to summarize all facts what are for and against organic food because they rely mostly on personal attitude and these scientific facts are based on food producer interests. That means, facts for are supported by organic food producers but facts against is supported by conventional food producers. Of course, the truth is between these two opinions but is very hard to find the middle of them because in that way again it will be subjective verdict. Therefore not the best but the easiest way is to put some of these arguments together and let the reader to choose the best answer. That is the result of this paper because the author principally is for organic food not against it and so it would not be right if for the most part there would be written pros of organic food and just mentioned few sentences about cons.
According to results of questionary, the author was not surprised that organic food mostly is associated with good properties, such as natural, tasty, harmless and so on. Unfortunately, there are a sort of people who do not know what kind of food they buy and eat, and they first look at the price and after that – on food.
The author of the paper thinks that the best way how to research organic and conventional food differences is by itself. That means, make different tests for years and expend a lot of money for it. That makes to think about research reliance on money, techniques and other investments, also it means – it is almost impossible to find out all the facts by one person. One person can do just a few things – what anyone from us. So the best way is to grow by yourself or buy food from people who you trust and hope that soil and air in what they are growing are not harmful.
But it is very agreeably that in internet are lots of information about organic food, also they are in scientific books, but they are not included in this paper because author had difficulties with fact generalization even from internet resources. And that made this research difficult because this problem is very wide. So the author came to conclusion that everything depend on our thoughts and shopping habits. If we buy more conventional food then in our shop or market shelves we will see more conventional food and the same in vice versa. Certainly, if would be better if we buy more organic food thus do not pollute our earth on what we are living and air what we are breading. Actually, in that way there would be saved up not just a nature but money too, because we do not have to use it for earth purification and for new pesticides producing. So, let’s support, if not organically, then naturally grown food, what is the first step to organic food. And do not pollute our soil and air otherwise there would not grow any genuine organic food.

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