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Опубликованно: 27.05.2004.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Средняя школа
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United Arab Emirates are termed as contrast country because in this quite small land you can find ever pictorial cloud-kissing mountains, beaches with white sand even dry deserts and emerald oasis and even old Bedouin markets, of course you cant forget legendary all tourists known Dubai Duty Free shopping are.
Geographic district: United Arab Emirates county witch is located in South-West Asia, North-East Aravian peninsula at Persian coast on Oman bight. Territory – 84 thousand km2. No local rivers. Biggest part of territory is taken by sand deserts in some areas are oasis with date palms. Coast line approximately (750 km) many great sand beaches. Population – 1, 4 million. Native language - Arabian. Local inhabitants are working only 300 thousand people rest – immigrants from Pakistan, India, Iran, Jemines and from anther countries. Biggest cities – Abu-Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Capital city Abu Dhabi Emirate administrative center and president residence. Biggest area of emirates is 72 thousand km2 area and approximately 900 thousand inhabitants. Tourism main center and biggest shopping area is Dubai.
Language: Arabian. Prelate - English, French and Urdu languages. Most in all shopings, markets and all hotel service staff talk English and telephone operators.
In comparison with... other countries which are producing oil, United Arab Emirates local people life level is higher than in other countries. This president, Zaid ben Sultan al Nahaijan, is not thinking only about himself, but also, how to put inn, for local people life level rising.
Before oil foundation people in these areas were very poor, they were fighting for existence. This president Zaid ben Sultan al Nahaijan – then dominative sheik family member in Jung days was spending a lot of time with local people and he saw the hard life conditions.
When he had visited several European countries he understood that he had to do all what he can to make better local people life.
After oil foundation sheik remembered promise that he had given. He understood that he won’t feed everyone but he took care about local people. Economical evolution in United Arab Emirates is very high. …

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