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Опубликованно: 18.02.2008.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
Литературный список: Нет
Ссылки: Не использованы
Nr. Название главы  Стр.
  Table of contents    2
1.  Executive Summary    4
1.1.  Company description    5
1.2.  Mission and goals    5
1.3.  Designation of the credit    6
2.  Marketing research    7
2.1.  Service description    7
2.2.  Competitors    7
2.3.  SWOT analysis    9
3.  Functioning of the enterprise    10
3.1.  Location and organization of classes    10
3.2.  Necessary equipment    11
3.2.1.  Equipment for disco    11
3.2.2.  Equipment for dancing hall    12
3.2.3.  Equipment for sports hall    12
3.2.4.  Equipment for computer class    13
3.2.5.  Equipment for painting, singing, modelling classes    13
3.2.6.  Office and other equipment    13
3.2.7.  Expenses for equipment purchase    14
4.  Marketing plan    14
4.1.  Marketing strategy    14
4.2.  Planned income    15
4.2.1.  General provisions    15
4.2.2.  Sports and dancing    16
4.2.3.  Classes by interests    18
4.2.4.  Cultural-mass actions    18
4.2.5.  Café rent    19
5.  Management and personnel    19
5.1.  Administrative personnel and the experts    19
5.1.1.  List of personnel    20
5.1.2.  Duty regulations    20
5.2.  Teachers and specialists    22
5.3.  Budget of teacher’s working hours    22
6.  Problems and risks    23
7.  Financial plan    24
7.1.  Sales budget    24
7.1.1.  Sales budget for the first year    24
7.1.2.  Sales budget for the second, third and following years    25
7.2.  Expected expenses    25
7.2.1.  Depreciation    25
7.2.2.  Wage fund of personnel    25
7.2.3.  The estimate of operational expenses    27
7.2.4.  Expenses estimated for the first year    28
7.2.5.  Expenses estimated for the second year    28
7.2.6.  Expenses estimated for the third year    29
7.3.  Financial expenses    29
7.4.  Planned monetary plan (cash plan)    30
7.5.  Predicted financial reporting    30
7.5.1.  Financial result    30  Financial result for the first year    30  Financial result for the second year    30  Financial result for the third year    30
7.5.2.  Expected balance    31  Balance for the end of the first year    31  Balance for the end of the second year    31  Balance for the end of the third year    32
8.  Appendixes    34
8.1.  Sports hall occupation schedule    34
8.2.  Dance hall occupation schedule    36
8.3.  Teachers’ working time summary    38
8.4.  Computer class maintenance    39
Фрагмент работы


The youth center “Jauniešu pasaule” is the start-up company which needs 300,000 LVL for renovation of its premises and buying necessary equipment to start its business. This sum will be enough to finance the new idea – creation a cultural-sports center for children and teenagers. This center will combine in one complex the spectrum of services, which would meet the needs and demands of children and teenagers, and would provide the qualitative service.

The company has set several goals:
Social-economic goals - The creation of complex of services with reasonable prices, which will lead to resolution of social problems of society;
Strategic goal - Creation of sports and cultural center for youth in central area of Riga;
Financial and marketing goals - Development of competitive and profitable activity by taking into account the demand and needs of the clients;
Organizational goals - Creation of the center, organization and control of its activity.

Our center provide different services for the youth:
sports and dancing activities;
classes by interests;
cultural-mass actions.

All these services are of the highest quality and are needed for the development of creative and active children in Riga.

Our company has researched the market of service industry and identified the niche which is not saturated. There are similar centers for youths such as club “Rīdze” and “Rīdzene”, which are meant for children and which are operating with the similar purpose, who are our main competitors, but these centers do not provide the range of services as wee do – we have wide spectrum of services. …

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