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Опубликованно: 25.05.2007.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
Литературный список: 6 единиц
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The European Union is a Community of European nations and citizens gathered around common political, economical, cultural and social values, today of 25 and, starting with the 1st of January 2007, of 27 members.
The European Community was founded by the declaration of the 9th of May 1950 of the French Foreign Minister, Robert Shuman, proposing the integration of the coal and steel industries of Western Europe.
“ Founding fathers ” of European Union was:
Robert Schuman - he was born in Luxembourg but grew up in France. In 1919 he was first elected as a deputy to the French Parliament, where he served for twenty years. Following World War II, Schuman served as France’s prime minister, foreign minister and finance minister. From 1955-1961 he was president of the European Movement, and from 1958-1960 president of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
The European Movement and its many affiliates were almost completely financed with funds provided by the CIA, the Marshall Plan, and private Insider sources such as the Ford, Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations. Once Jean Monnet’s Action Committee had drawn up the plan for the European Coal and Steel Community, he approached Schuman to sponsor it. Schuman did, and the ECSC was launched as the “Schuman Plan for Europe. The Robert Schuman University in Strasbourg, the Robert Schuman Center in Florence, the Robert Schuman Institute in Budapest, the Robert Schuman Journalism Award and other monuments attest to the valuable services this European globalist performed for those who seek to submerge Europe in a regional superstate, as one building block in a one-world government.
Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet (November 9, 1888 – March 16, 1979) is regarded by many as the architect of European Unity. Never elected to public office, Monnet worked behind the scenes of American and European governments as a well-connected pragmatic internationalist.
Following liberation, Monnet proposed a "global plan for modernization and economic development" to the French government. Appointed Planning Commissioner by de Gaulle, he oversaw the revitalization of the French economy. It was from this position that, in 1949, Monnet realized that the friction between Germany and France for control of the Ruhr, the important coal and steel region, was rising to dangerous levels, presaging a possible return to hostilities as had happened after the First World War. Monnet and his associates conceived the idea of a European Community. On 9 May 1950, with the agreement of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer of West Germany, French Minister of Foreign Affairs Robert Schuman made a declaration in the name of the French government. This declaration, prepared by Monnet for Schuman, proposed integration of the French and German coal and steel industries under joint control, a so-called High Authority, and open to the other countries of Europe.

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