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Опубликованно: 23.11.2004.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Средняя школа
Литературный список: Нет
Ссылки: Не использованы
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During this home reading I read some articles from the “Newsweek”.
One topic I read about was conference in Davos. Global chieftains gathered at the World Economic forum in Davos at the end of January 2004. They were discussing the topic of prosperity and security. Some representatives of Latvia for example the president of our state were also taking part in this conference.
The world leaders talked about bubbles and overheating in some markets. Investors are putting their money where the growth is. As the result we can find increasing inequality among the most successful countries and those which fall behind.
Bright example is fast growing economics in China. The Chinese are expected to see GNP growth jump from 3.8 percent last year to 5 percent in 2004. One of the hot topics in Davos was exactly China because it occupies a grate percentage of the world markets and some diverge from the stable trading policy can cause decline or even crises in the world’s economic. One source of optimism is India which last month raised the limit of foreign investment in private bones by 25 percent. Asia’s budget surpluses are impressing investors.
Another topic I read about was migration. Mexico joined the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade; moreover its leaders began working closely with US officials to create an integrated North American Free Trade Agreement of 1994. Consequently crossing borders movement of goods, capital, services and many kinds of people became more and more easily.
A grate problem for the US is migrants from the nearby country.

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