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Опубликованно: 17.09.2009.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
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Фрагмент работы

Lesson Process (Teacher’s Text)
I am keeping a calendar in my hands. It is a November, isn’t it? You see I have coloured 2 data here. This is the 10th of November. I would like you to ask what we celebrate on that day. Do you remember! It was Martin’s Day. Is it a Latvian tradition? Yes it is. Do you know the meaning of this festivity? This is an old Latvian tradition when the Ancient (old) Latvians celebrated the harvesting and it means the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. What do the Old Latvians used to eat on that day? It was a cock. But today is the 25th of November and is a day when Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. This is the theme of our lesson.
Our aim of the lesson is to get to know about this American tradition, to understand the meaning of this day and to answer the answer to the question – how do Americans celebrate this tradition? We will achieve the aim of the lesson by doing different activities.

The Historical Part
Every tradition has its past or history. Let us start with the history of Thanksgiving! I would like to call Andris, Arthur, Christaps, Diana, and Santa.

The History of Thanksgiving

Once upon the time the king of England said that everyone must belong to his church. But a group of people called the Pilgrims wanted to pray in their own church. They tried to meet in secret but the king got to now about it and told to arrest some of the Pilgrims.
The rest of the Pilgrims decided to leave England. They sailed on the ship to find religious freedom. Their ship was called Mayflower. They gave up their houses and said good-bye to their friends.
Mayflower was very crowded. There were 70 men and women, and 32 children on it. The trip was hard and dangerous because there was not water for washing.…

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