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Опубликованно: 11.12.2015.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
Литературный список: 4 единиц
Ссылки: Не использованы
Nr. Название главы  Стр.
  Executive summary    3
  Introduction    5
  Chapter 1, Theory: Alliterations    6
  Chapter 2, Discourse Analysis of the Use of Alliterations in the Articles of Finance    7
  Conclusions    11
  References    12
  Appendices    13
Фрагмент работы

After reading articles that were related to economic and financial issues, it can be concluded that the alliteration in the press and in the articles is used relatively rarely, and, above all, it is observed in the titles of articles. The aim of the alliteration in the headlines is to increasingly attract the reader's attention to the particular article, similar like with the popular company names like PayPal, Coca-Cola and American Airlines. In this way, the article is able to attract more readers, which contributes not only to the high popularity, but is able to draw the public's attention on a specific theme or a topical problem.
An examination of a number of articles that use alliteration shows that it is mainly used for the title of the article, and use of alliteration further in text is rarely observed. This confirms the function of alliteration mentioned above - to attract and draw attention to a particular topic or issue. For example, the article “McDonald's New Mascot is Mcscary” aims to excessive number of people in the U.S. who are eating unhealthy at fast food restaurants, and it is known that overweight is highly prevalent among Americans, which is why the author wanted to draw extra attention to this article because it is topical not only for him but for the country as a whole.

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