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Опубликованно: 12.05.2014.
Язык: Английский
Уровень: Университет
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The network will closely work with the newest models, like Lexus LS 430, and upcoming ones by using specially designed Dealer Daily downloads (Keenan, 2001). While having more efficient system, dealers can exchange information faster between each other and organize work in the time short enough to keep their clients satisfied. The MCI-UUNet system helps with arranging recalls, which today represent the most sensitive point in whole Toyota’s operations. “We used it for all ordering and returns’, says Rob Merrill, the dealer-ship's parts manager and information technology manager. ‘It is faster than TDN and easier to use. We do ninety percent of the work on one screen’” (Keenan, 2001). Toyota also uses the system for ordering dealer support materials, like sales brochures and owners' manual.
Did all above mentioned undertakings help Toyota to rebuild its customers’ trust? Not yet. Finding the solution for this problem will take years. “They'll get through this, but I don't think it's anything they will recover from quickly” (Isidore, 2010). Internet marketing definitely helped the company, but in order to restore its reputation Toyota needs more time and interactions with its clients. To win back confidence in Toyota vehicles as worries grow of further bad news, the company must embrace a rapidly evolving strategy and reach out to customers. “Most experts believe that Toyota will eventually win customers back. But they say that to do that, the company will need to reach out - with direct marketing, more TV commercials and a message that it has solved its safety problems and made its vehicles better than ever” (Bernstein, 2010). Therefore, the question of whether or not Toyota’s image stay tarnished forever still remains. “Toyota's reputation for long-term quality came to an end,” said Maryann Keller, a strategic adviser of the auto industry. People will not buy Toyotas anymore, period. The situation with the braking system defects will keep people out of the stores (Ohnsman, 2010).

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